Thursday, September 20, 2012

No Sweat

The home study interviews went great!  My Spanish professor's mother is our social worker, and she came by our house Sept. 10th and 11th.  The visit was much less invasive than I was expecting.  From what I'd read and been told, I knew not to worry or be nervous about it.  But I also expected to be emotionally violated lol.  We must have just had an easy social worker, because we didn't feel violated at all.  I'm so glad I didn't fret about it and super clean every inch of the house!  I just cleaned the house the way I would if we were to have company over... and it's going in the report that my housekeeping standards are excellent.  =D

I received the rough draft of the report so that we could look over it and change anything if we wanted.  It's great!  Now we're just waiting for the Stephen's Missouri background check clearance, and then we can submit our home study!  Should be within the month!

I will update with more details a little later when I've got more time.  I just wanted to give y'all a little update.