Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thou Shalt Be Updated

Hello everyone!  Thou shalt be updated!

I will start with our recent fundraiser.  We had a garage sale a few weeks back.  It took me a week of working on it because so many wonderful people donated so much stuff.  It all took up an entire bedroom and most of my garage to store.  The sale went amazing!  We spent time praying for the success of our sale and were definitely blessed!  The amount left on our adoption home study bill that was due was $1600.  And guess how much our garage sale brought in?  Exactly $1600.  God moment?  I'd definitely say so!

Another fundraiser was hosted by the amazing Lauren Pinson.  She offered mini photography sessions with the proceeds going to our adoption fund.  I'd like to thank her and also Heather Peterson for participating!  Lauren took some pictures of us for advertisement, some of which are shown below!

The best news we have is that we are now officially on the waiting list!  As of the first of April, we are number 107 on the list!  We're expecting a long wait though, as only four referrals were made in March.  But the pains of the paperwork are behind us now, and all there is to do is... wait.

Not much else has happened, and I assume I will not have much to update you on in the next year or longer... so I will try to keep up with the blog with thoughts and random things that may not even have anything to do with adoption.  But I promise it will be interesting!

Have a great day!